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Aug 4

Invoicing with Blinksale


If you haven't heard of it yet, Blinksale is a new web-app from Firewheel Design designed to help freelancers and contractors like myself deal with the hassle that is invoicing in an easy, efficient, and well-designed fashion. It features several templates to choose from for invoice design, and for those who have shelled out for the paying accounts, they can customise their own designs via CSS/XHTML. Maybe in the future I shall move up to a more expensive account to try these features. Currently, I don't have enough clients to justify the cost. Although Blinksale launched several weeks ago, I had been waiting for the addition of New Zealand Dollars as a currency before I could begin using this to invoice my clients. I am happy to say I just sent my very first Blinksale invoice and it couldn't have been easier. I had previously set up my clients (well, the 3 that I could enter due to the limitations of the free account) so all I had to do was select *New Service Invoice*, enter the details, choose my payment terms, and save it. After reviewing the saved invoice on the next screen, I sent it off to the client, with a copy to myself, and within a few minutes had a beautifully designed invoice sitting in my mailbox. To all freelancers out there struggling with invoicing, I suggest you go and give Blinksale a try. I did, and I can see myself using this for many years to come. Well done Firewheel Design!


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